Sunday, November 1, 2009

Charity Week 2009

Charity Week 2009

From Monday, 19 October 2009
To Sunday, 01 November 2009


Charity Week is one week in the year, where Islamic societies, colleges, schools, community associations and businesses from across the country come together to raise crazy amounts of money for orphans and needy children around the world!

“And they feed for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan and the captive. We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks” (Quran Surah Al-Insaan:8)

The value and reward of charity is immense in Islam and there are countless Qur’anic ayahs and Hadith which commend acts of charity and explain how it should be an integral part of our lives. One such example is that which can be found in Surah al-Hadeed: 18 which states:

"Indeed the men who give Sadaqah (voluntary charity) and the women who give Sadaqah (all of them) are lending a goodly loan to Allah; the return for them will be increased; and for them shall be an exquisite reward."

One Week.
One Cause.
ALL the Difference

Aktiviti kami :

1) Teh tarik percuma kepada perderma

2) Futsal

Tension terlepas bola

Masa rehat. Kena jaga anak.

Penyokong setia

Orang main bola, Irfan main kejar daun

Iffah menangis kesejukkan. nak balik...

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